Welcome to My Feminine Health Planner!

This tool will help you track your period plus other feminine health details so that you can take control of your feminine health.

You’ll be able to see the frequency of feminine health symptoms, where they occur in your cycle, and other factors that can impact your feminine health. You’ll have all the tools you need to track details that you might otherwise forget all in an easy-to-use, discreet tool. Everything you enter into My Feminine Health Planner is for your information; it will only be accessible to you through a secure log-in.

Plus, My Feminine Health Planner offers you the option to print a summary to share with your physician. Do you ever wish you had the answer to “What was the date of your last period?” when you have an exam? Now this simple print out will have all the information that you care to share.

Your information will not be made public and will not be sold to anyone.
The information provided here is not intended to replace the opinion of a medical professional.

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